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When it comes to dental care, many patients never notice the advanced dental techniques and technologies we utilize, and that’s just the way we like it. Our team is dedicated to incorporating the latest dentistry techniques and technologies only when they offer our patients superior comfort, convenience, or an improved level of care. If you’re interested in finding out more about our advanced dental technologies, contact our Lauderhill dental office. Our dedicated dentists and team welcome patients from Tamarac and other surrounding communities.


A frenectomy is a procedure to release tight tissue that restricts the tongue or lips from being able to move normally.  In infants, a restricted tongue or upper lip can keep them from being able to breastfeed successfully.  In children, tongue and lip ties can cause speech and dental problems.  Adults with tongue ties can experience reflux, sleep apnea and frequent headaches as well as speech and dental problems.  At Luxe Dental, we perform frenectomies using a CO2 laser.  Frenectomies done using a laser have little to no bleeding, have no risk of infection and heal faster.  It is a safe and quick procedure that can be done right in the office with no need for a hospital visit or general anesthesia.

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There have been many innovations in the field of dentistry in the last several decades, but no technology has offered as much impact for the patients as intraoral photography. These images of the exterior structures of patients’ smiles make our patients active participants in their oral health care planning by giving them access to images of their oral structures from the dentist’s perspective. Intraoral images allow our patients to fully understand their current oral health condition, the ideal end result, and all the steps they could take to get from one to the other allowing them to fully partner in planning their treatment.


Digital x-rays unlike their traditional counterparts allow our team to quickly and easily view the underlying structures of our patients’ smiles in order to accurately diagnose and treat oral health issues. Traditional x-rays exposed patients to 40% more radiation than the digital counterparts, took time to develop using hazardous chemicals, and the large physical copies were inconvenient to view, store, and transfer. Digital x-rays make it possible for our team to quickly capture and clear images of underlying dental structures that make it easy for our team to diagnose oral health issues in their earliest stages. Additionally, digital x-rays are the best way to make patients partners in their treatment planning. These x-ray images are immediately visible on chairside computer monitors where we show patients current areas of concern, and help them understand the potential treatment options before choosing the best solution for each patient.


40 million or more patients in the US report experiencing some level of dental phobia or anxiety, and as many report fear of needles. Combine the two, and you’re asking for a stressful patient experience. That’s why our dental team uses the Wand® to administer local anesthesia. Rather than a traditional needle, the Wand® resembles a pen, and most patients report not feeling the administration of their local anesthesia using the wand. Best of all, we’re able to specifically target areas of the mouth much more precisely, so patients no longer experience a complete numbing of one or more sides of the mouth.