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Dental implants are tiny titanium posts and their main objective is to replace any damaged teeth. It is a minimum access surgical procedure that can easily be done in our Lauderhill Dental Office where we have everything necessary and doctors with enough experience to guarantee a pain free procedure. With Dental Implants you have the option to replace one or all of your teeth.

Not in all cases you need to replace each tooth which makes the procedure more expensive, we can use only two implants if you need a removable denture and four dental implants if you would need a removable denture for the upper and lower part of your mouth.

Dental implant supported tooth replacement is the only option that restores the entire lost tooth roots and all. This means results look and feel more natural, and that oral health is fully restored.

Many Dentists only perform half of the procedure, but our Specialized Dentists are proud to offer both the tooth implants placement and the tooth restoration in one convenient and modern practice. If you’re missing one or more teeth, we invite you to contact us to schedule a free dental implant consultation. We welcome patients from Lauderhill, Plantation, Sunrise, Tamarac and other nearby communities.


Not in all cases but some patients may require bone grafts from humans or animals to strengthen the jaw bone that can be weakened by the extraction process. It is a mostly fast and comfortable process that provides a stable base in your jaw which allows you to accept much better the insertion of the dental implant.

With a compound based on titanium, dental implants are gripped with screws in their jaw ensuring that the fusion between the implant and the jaw is as sophisticated as possible and that it feels as real as a real tooth.

Many people find the process of implant surgery quite acceptable, at Luxe Dental we have never received any complaints about Dental Implants Treatments thanks to the years of experience that our dentists have and the quality of equipment that exists in our premises.


Every Dental Implant that we make in our Dental Office in Lauderhill, Fl is with the objective that it lasts to each patient a whole life taking the necessary measures on the part of the patient so that the process of treatment and recovery is successful. Dental Implants are not supposed to move from their position or decay over time, the only thing that can threaten the duration of each implant is Advanced Gum Disease that is mostly generated when proper dental hygiene is not maintained.

In order to guarantee the duration of each dental implant, it is required to maintain proper dental hygiene, with regular visits to our dental office every 6 months in order to avoid any type of infection around the dental implant.


LUXE DENTAL Only Has Dentists That Love Giving You The Unique Experience You Deserve

Our dental office in Lauderhill uses the latest in technological advances to achieve the maximum benefit for every Dental Service offered by our Lauderhill Dentists. Therefore, we provide every patient with critical insights in terms of their treatment.

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