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In addition to restoring tooth functionality, cosmetic dentists use a variety of techniques to achieve a better smile in every way. Even if your teeth are kept in good condition, teeth whitening can add the extra touch you need to highlight a smile that is already beautiful. These procedures help patients increase their confidence since their broken or missing teeth are repaired by their cosmetic dentist. Investing in a beautiful smile is more than a way of looking attractive: it is an important investment in your social and professional opportunities as well as dental health in general.

  • Replace missing teeth

Whether you have some spaces in your teeth or a lot of missing teeth, a cosmetic dentist can restore your smile with natural-looking dental restorations. Dental implants, dental crowns, dental bridges and dentures have been used successfully to fill gaps in smiles.

  • Whiten teeth

Research shows that professional teeth whitening is safer and more effective than home remedies. It is perhaps the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure currently. Almost all cosmetic dentists offer a wide variety of teeth whitening systems in the office or to take home for an illuminated and smudge-free smile.

  • Reshape teeth

If you feel that your teeth are too pointed, worn or strangely shaped, a cosmetic dentist can use one of the many cosmetic dentistry techniques to reshape your teeth and achieve a more pleasing appearance. Porcelain veneers are often used because they can be shaped exactly as you and your cosmetic dentist decide.

  • Restore damaged teeth

Years of tooth wear can be revealed through cracks, chips or discoloration. Cosmetic dentists use procedures such as adhesives or porcelain veneers to cover the damage and improve the appearance of the tooth. For more serious damage, such as decayed or broken teeth, a dental crown provides a natural-looking dental restoration that offers significant structure and support.

  • Straighten crooked or misaligned teeth

Few people have perfectly straight teeth, but many people want to avoid the humiliation and pain of traditional metal braces. Most cosmetic dentists offer clear braces as an alternative option to straighten teeth that has proven to be very successful. The transparent keys consist of a series of almost invisible plastic aligners that change the teeth in stages without the discomfort of the metal clamps. Porcelain veneers are another effective straightening option that your cosmetic dentist can recommend.

  • Lengthen small teeth

If you feel self-conscious with small teeth, a cosmetic dentist can place the dental veneers on the surface of each tooth to modify the length and shape of each tooth. Together, you and your cosmetic dentist can decide the size, shape and color of your veneers to fit in a beautiful smile that fits naturally in your mouth.

Common questions and answers about Cosmetic Dentistry2019-06-30T22:54:22-04:00

Basically, cosmetic dentistry involves any procedure designed to address common aesthetic issues, including teeth stains, misalignment, gaps between teeth, and cracked or chipped teeth.

Yes. While mainly intended to improve the visual aspects of your smile, many cosmetic procedures offer restorative improvement and can boost the health of your smile. For example, correcting misalignment removes hiding places of harmful bacteria, reducing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Other treatments, such as Botox, can ease muscle tension and reduce the symptoms of bruxism and TMJ disorder.

Cosmetic dentists endeavor to make all the procedures they perform as pleasant and comfortable for the patient as possible. Some of the options they may choose for enhancing your comfort include creating a relaxing atmosphere in their office; offering sedation dentistry; and using lasers to reduce discomfort after certain procedures.

There are many things that can be solved by cosmetic dentistry, but some of the most common are:

● Broken or chipped teeth
● Stained or discolored teeth
● Uneven teeth
● Worn down teeth
● Excess gum issues
● Gaps between teeth